Keep Local Businesses Open - Use Them

Guardbridge needs to keep as many of it's local shops and businesses as possible. In order to do this please use them whenever you can. This will help to keep them as going concerns and keep them in the village.

on 1-Apr-2017 



Edenside Motors

Your Local Garage on 27-Feb-2017 

Edenside Motors

Old St. Andrews Road,


St. Andrews, KY16 0UD

01334 839428

Guardbridge Inn

Your Local Restaurant on 27-Feb-2017 

1 Old St Andrews Road

Guardbridge. KY16 0UD

01334 848878

Opening Times

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 12:00 pm - 12:00 am -Tuesday  Closed - Sat - Sun 12:00 pm - 12:00 am


Something Different & Jodi's Boutique

Your Local Beautician - on 12-Mar-2017 

15 Main Street,Guardbridge

St Andrews, Fife KY16 0UG

Tel - 01334 839568


Gavin G Robertson - Accountants

Contact Details -

9A Main St, Guardbridge,St Andrews,Fife

KY16 0UG

01334 838530

The Studio Kitchens & Bathrooms

​Contact Details

9B Main Street, 

Guardbridge,St. Andrews,

 Fife KY16 0UG

Tel: 01334 834 348  Email -


Dali's Fish & Pizza Bar

Contact Details

2 Cupar Road,

Guardbridge,St Andrews

Fife, KY16 0UA

Tel:01334 839797


Dan's Goods Guardbridge

Your Local Shop