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The aim of this website is to provide the residents of Guardbridge with all the information required to create the best living environment possible in our community. To facilitate this, access is given to -


Road Closure 15/02 - 8/04

from 29-Feb-2016  to 30-Jan-2016 

The A919 which is the main road through the village will be CLOSED from 15th February till 8th April.For more information please click on Road Closure button on the home page then click on Guardbridge Energy Centre link.

Three New Councillors

from 29-Feb-2016  to 30-Jan-2016 

At the meeting on the 28th of January another three community councillors,Linda Scott,Oli Gage-Walker and Bill Wilson were voted on to the Community Council. 


The prison sentence is over from 1-Apr-2016  to 29-Mar-2016 

Village Store Closure

Waiting for information re what is planned for the building. from 8-Aug-2016  to 8-Jul-2016 

from 29-Jul-2016  to 10-Jul-2016 

Roadworks Postponed

Mr David Raley Vital Energi's construction manager at the Guardbridge site has emailed to say that the roadworks which were to start on Monday 18th July have been postponed.He apologises for any inconvenience caused and will contact the GCC website prior to the roadworks being rescheduled. from 12-Aug-2016  to 12-Jul-2016 

Guardbridge Post Office

Although the Village store will close at the end of July the Post Office which opens in the store on Wednesday and Friday mornings will remain open until further notice. from 17-Aug-2016  to 17-Jul-2016 

Sea Eagles in Tentsmuir

See the biggest eagles in Britain.Book now. See contact details at the bottom of this page. from 29-Aug-2016  to 29-Jul-2016 

New Bus Timetables

Effective from 15th August for timetable info click - from 16-Sep-2016  to 16-Aug-2016 



Meeting with M.P.

C.C office bearers Oli Walker and Zoe Rogers met with Stephen Gethins our M.P. on 16th August to discuss how he could assist in getting a community centre built for the village.He made it clear that he was willing to help the CC in any way he could to help the CC achieve their aim. from 17-Sep-2016  to 17-Aug-2016 

Guardbridge CC

GCC treasurer Mary Duncan reports that she has now received the annual community council funding from Fife Council. from 22-Sep-2016  to 22-Aug-2016 

Post Office

NB - Although the village store is no longer open the Post Office is open in the same premises on Wednesdays and Fridays from 09.30 till 11 30am. from 24-Sep-2016  to 24-Aug-2016 

Meeting with FVA

As part of the Guardbridge Community Steering Group Linda Scott, Larraine Wills and Bill Wilson met up with Helen Rorrison the Head of Community Development in Cupar on the 11th of August.Discussions are ongoing regarding the formation of the Guardbridge Community Trust. from 25-Sep-2016  to 25-Aug-2016 

Community Council Meeting

Thursday the 27th October - CC meeting in Guardbridge Bowling Club at 7.30pm. from 26-Oct-2016  to 26-Sep-2016 

Land Ownership Details for Old Football Ground

As part of CC business the ownership of the above has been identified have a look at Community Docs. from 28-Oct-2016  to 28-Sep-2016 

Coffee with Cops

Meet your Community Police - Leuchars Community Café - 10.00 till 11.00am on the 29th November from 5-Nov-2016  to 5-Oct-2016 

September Minutes Posted

Available under the Minutes Tab from 20-Nov-2016  to 20-Oct-2016 

October Primary School Newsletter

See link at bottom of page. from 24-Nov-2016  to 24-Oct-2016 

Road Calming between Guardbridge and St Andrews

A91 Route Accident Reduction Plan from 10-Dec-2016  to 10-Nov-2016 

The RARP works on the route will include speed limit  reductions, direction sign,  warning sign upgrades and renewal . verge marker works, chevrons, upgrading of centre, edge and slow road markings,  road stud replacement upgrade, managing overgrown vegetation.  As part of these works alterations to the speed limit between Guardbridge and St Andrews has progressed through the legal process with an operational date of Monday 5th December 2016.In the meantime as the A91 is to be closed next week for five days due to urgent repair works on two culverts we are taking the opportunity to erect new poles that will accommodate the new signing. Speed limit signs will be installed as indicated below -

Extending the existing 40mph speed limit at Guardbridge by around 100 metres. This then takes you into a reduced speed limit from 60mph to 50mph from this point to a point 100 metres west of the entrance into Balgove Larder. From this point the existing 60mph speed limit is to be reduced to 40mph to the existing 30mph entry signs into St Andrews.








Funding Award

Funding has now been awarded to complete the extension to the play park. from 10-Dec-2016  to 10-Nov-2016 

from 20-Mar-2017  to 18-Feb-2017 

Guardbridge Village Store

Brothers Dan and Gregory Vrinceanu are in the process of refitting the store. They have had structural problems with the building and this has caused a delay with the opening. Due to a delay with a planning application the shop is now not opening until early May. from 29-Apr-2017  to 27-Feb-2017 

from 31-Mar-2017  to 1-Mar-2017 

University of St Andrews Tay Cities Bid

University of St Andrews seeks more funding to bring more jobs to Guardbridge Energy Centre from 1-Apr-2017  to 2-Mar-2017 

Proposals for relocation of Madras School

Click on the link at bottom of this page for details. from 12-Apr-2017  to 13-Mar-2017 

Clayton Railway Bridge

Back road from Clayton to Thai Teak closed for 21 weeks. from 12-Apr-2017  to 13-Mar-2017 

IEP (intercity electrification programme) Gauging is for the impending roll out of new trains across Scotland’s railway.  The trains are dual fuel (diesel/electric) which means they can be used on electrified and diesel lines so multi-purpose.The trains are larger in length and height than the existing ones so Gauging (work) is required on platforms and some over bridges etc so they can fit. The work at Clayton Rd is the heightening of the road bridge above the railway by approx. 400mm so the new trains will have sufficient clearance.

6 Apartments planned for Old Social Club Site on Innerbridge St.

Planning Permission sought for the above please check out the details through the Planning button on the menu bar. All comments to be made by 14th April 2017. from 18-Apr-2017  to 19-Mar-2017 

Proposal of Application(PAN)

Persimmon the housing developer are having a public consultation in Guardbridge Primary School 4.00 - 6.00pm on the 24th May. from 24-Apr-2017  to 25-Mar-2017 

Extension to Leuchars Station Car Park

Work on this due to start on the 10th of April and will continue for 8weeks. from 28-Apr-2017  to 29-Mar-2017 

Village Shop

Dan's Goods Guardbridge should be in business in the near future. from 8-Jul-2017  to 8-Jun-2017 

New Roadworks Button on the Menu

Check out the Scottish Roadworks tab - this will give you info on the roadworks in our area. from 15-Jul-2017  to 15-Jun-2017 

Ferryport Gala

On the 12th August on Tayport Common. from 14-Aug-2017  to 15-Jul-2017 

Kilt Walk - The Mighty Stride

20th August - Miles: 25 Arguably our most picturesque walk of 2017, the Dundee Mighty Stride leaves St Andrews at 9am, registration open from 8am, and gives our walkers a chance to take in the legendary surroundings of the Old Course. The route then takes in iconic sites such as the Tay Bridge and Broughty Castle. £31.65 per adult/child. from 14-Aug-2017  to 15-Jul-2017 

Sea Eagle Festival

26th August - Tayport Common from 14-Aug-2017  to 15-Jul-2017 

Summer Fun

Check Event Tab on Menu for poster. from 18-Aug-2017  to 19-Jul-2017 

NB - Planning Applications

Planning applications will now only be published in the Courier on a Thursday! from 18-Aug-2017  to 19-Jul-2017 

Active Fife

At Waterstone Crook Sports Centre Newport - a wide range of activities are available for primary school kids. Monday 7th August to Friday 11th August 9.00am to 12.30pm - £25. Places limited first come first served basis. from 18-Aug-2017  to 19-Jul-2017 

Bike'n'Blether Social Cycle

Haven't cycled for a long time? Need some fresh air. Come with us and cycle to Tentsmuir or the West Sands and stop and have a chat and a coffee! All welcome. Contact Bill Wilson on 07582 876634 for more info. Every Wednesday - leave from papermill carpark at 10.00am. from 18-Aug-2017  to 19-Jul-2017 

Please note there is no Community Council Meeting on 27th August

from 25-Aug-2017  to 26-Jul-2017 

Guardbridge Bowlers Make History!

Guardbridge Bowling Club - Won the East of Scotland Women's Fours Title. Well done to Barbara,Ruth Janet and Catriona. from 11-Sep-2017  to 12-Aug-2017 

GCC Meeting on the 26th of October in Guardbridge Bowling Club

All residents welcome. from 22-Oct-2017  to 22-Sep-2017 

Any Roadworks

Click the 'Roadworks ' tab on the menu bar and magnify the map up to our area to check for information on any roadworks in our area. from 15-Nov-2017  to 16-Oct-2017 


Now open in Dan's Shop every Wednesday and Friday from 9,30am to 11,30am. from 15-Nov-2017  to 16-Oct-2017 

from 10-Apr-2018  to 11-Mar-2018 

Kiltwalk comes through Guardbridge 19th August

from 10-Apr-2018  to 11-Mar-2018 

Get yer gear on and walk fer charity!

Guardbridge Community Development Trust 7.30pm in Guardbridge Bowling Club

Update on present projects from 22-Apr-2018  to 23-Mar-2018 

Guardbridge Community Council Meeting 26th April at 7.30pm in the Guardbridge Bowling Club.

All residents welcome.Agenda will be posted shortly. from 22-Apr-2018  to 23-Mar-2018 

Community Speedwatch

Anyone interested in joining the NEF area Community Speed Watch initiative are invited to attend an awareness event at Cupar Police Station, Waterend Road, Cupar on Thursday 26th April 2018 between 12pm and 4pm. If you are interested photo ID and proof of address are required for vetting. from 5-May-2018  to 5-Apr-2018 

Bite 'n' Blether

Over 60's Lunch Club 17th May at 12.30pm in Guardbridge Bowling Club. from 12-May-2018  to 12-Apr-2018 

from 12-May-2018  to 12-Apr-2018 

Bike 'n' Blether

Community cycle run every Wednesday at 10.00am from the old Guardbridge paper mill car park weather permitting. Our aim is to encourage people out on their bikes in a safe environment ie we stick to cycle paths as much as possible. from 13-May-2018  to 13-Apr-2018 

from 23-Jul-2018  to 23-Jun-2018 

from 14-Aug-2018  to 15-Jul-2018 

GCC Meeting in Guardbridge Bowling Club at 7.30pm on Thursday August 30th. All residents welcome.

from 14-Aug-2018  to 15-Jul-2018 

Old Social Club

The old social club now named Neiview was given conditional planning permission for redevelopment on Wednesday 22nd August. Let's look to the old building being upgraded in a sympathetic manner with the current buildings in the street. Innerbridge Street will look much better. from 23-Sep-2018  to 24-Aug-2018 

GCDT Meeting at 7.30pm in Bowling Club

12th September - Plans for stall at Eden Nature Centre 40th Anniversary Event, War Memorial cleaning, D.F. Stone and possible Xmas Ceilidh. from 23-Sep-2018  to 24-Aug-2018 

30th September

Eden Estuary Nature Reserve 40th Anniversary 1.00pm till 4.00pm from 23-Sep-2018  to 24-Aug-2018 

Fife Has a New Divisional Commander

Chief Superintendant Derek McEwan has been appointed in the role of Divisional Commander for Fife Division of Police Scotland, replacing Chief Superintendent Colin Gall who has now retired. He is looking forward to working with our Community Police Team and other partners to make the Communities of Fife as safe and secure as possible. from 6-Oct-2018  to 6-Sep-2018 

Guardbridge Community Garden

Helena Simmons, the Sustainability and Community Engagement Officer at Eden campus for the University of St Andrews has been running gardening sessions at the Guardbridge Primary School's community garden on Fridays 10am-12noon. Anyone who would like to help with the project please check out the link below. from 10-Oct-2018  to 10-Sep-2018 

Helena Simmons, the Sustainability and Community Engagement Officer at Eden campus for the University of St Andrews has been running gardening sessions at the Guardbridge Primary School's community garden on Fridays 10am-12noon. Anyone who would like to help with the project please check out the link below.


Tay Cities Funding Bid

University of St Andrews bid for funding for the Eden Campus should be announced by the end of October from 16-Nov-2018  to 17-Oct-2018 

Inaugural Meeting of Guardbridge Community Council Thursday 25th October 7.30pm in the Guardbridge Bowling Club

After the recent Fife Community Council Elections on the 4th of October the present office bearers of the community council need to be reappointed. All residents are welcome to attend. from 18-Nov-2018  to 19-Oct-2018 

Christmas Lights Switch ON at 4.00pm

Come along and hear the Guardbridge Primary All Star Singers and to grab a free tea/coffee and see the Xmas Tree lights go ON! from 28-Dec-2018  to 28-Nov-2018 

from 8-Jan-2019  to 9-Dec-2018 

Bite and Blether

Thursday January 24th at 12.30pm in the Guardbridge Bowling Club. from 10-Jan-2019  to 11-Dec-2018 

Re-Dedication of the David Finlay VC Memorial Stone

There will be a short service led by Padre John Duncan (Black Watch Association Padre and Leuchars St. Athernase Minister) at the Park next to the Bird Hide and the Old Papermill Entrance in the middle of Guardbridge, on Friday 18 Jan 2019 starting at 10:00. The service is a re-dedication of the David Finlay VC Memorial Stone as it has been moved to be next to Guardbridge’s 1st World War Memorial. David Finlay was ex Black Watch. It is intended to follow a similar format to the one used 4 years ago, then retiring for Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches and Cakes afterwards at the School. from 3-Feb-2019  to 4-Jan-2019 

Guardbridge Community Council Meeting

from 10-Feb-2019  to 11-Jan-2019 

The January Meeting of the Guardbridge Community Council will be held on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Guardbridge Bowling Club.

Guardbridge Community Council Meeting - 28 February 7.30 pm Guardbridge Bowling Club

from 1-Mar-2019  to 18-Feb-2019 

CC Meeting

The next Community Council meeting is on Thursday 25 April at 7.30 pm in the Bowling Club - all residents welcome. from 26-Apr-2019  to 20-Apr-2019 

Guardbridge Community Council Meeting Thursday 29th August 7.30 pm in Guardbridge Bowling Club - All Residents Welcome

from 30-Aug-2019  to 22-Aug-2019 

Community Reporting Links

To Report a Problem to our Community Police Team  - Click on the underlined link and use the contact us form.This sends an email to Police Scotland and is only suitable for non-emergencies. They will respond to your email as soon as they can but please appreciate that this will take a little time. Use the normal 999 telephone number for emergencies.

Click to Report a Problem to any of our Fife Councillors - 

Please note that although there are three councillors for our ward it is mainly Bill Connor and Jonny Tepp who deal with community matters in Guardbridge.

Dog Fouling Report it Here -  

Fife Council has a designated dog fouling team. To report it click on the underlined link.

Fly Tipping Report it Here -

 Fife Council has an environmental enforcement team who deal with litter, illegal dumping or abandoned vehicles. To report it click on the underlined link.                              ​​

Fife Local Development Plan -To see the proposals click underlined link also see the 9th edition of the Fife Development plan on the Community Docs tab.

​Guardbridge Can Be Better ​ - Take a look at Fife's policies on making everywhere in Fife a better place to live.

The Defibrillator- On the wall at Something Different - Should anyone notice damage to or have needed to use it please contact Mrs Ann Hunter at 18 Main Street. Video on how to use it can be seen by clicking on the Defibrillator tab on the menu bar.

The Eden Estuary Local Nature Reserve - Click on the link for info and if you wish to use the bird watching facility,volunteer or for access to the Centre please contact the local ranger Ranald Strachan;  Mob -  07985 707593The Annual Reports for 2015/16 and 2017/18 and the Eden Estuary Bye-Laws 2017 are now available to read on the Community Docs tab on the menu bar above.

Local Walks  To see short videos on 4 local strolls click the underlined link.

To All Residents please note that the Motray Walk has now been signposted and the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust ranger is advising everyone who uses the path to stay on the marked path in order to minimise disturbance to ground nesting birds and wildlife on the river bank area. Your Community Council therefore respectfully asks all walkers to avoid using the river bank path. ​ 


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